Chairman's Message

Abdulla Shadid

One of Mubadala’s fundamental approaches for supporting the growth of a dynamic and diversified UAE economy is deploying capital in sectors and investment platforms that show a promise of long term growth potential. Sanad is a great example of just that. One of Mubadala’s most successful startups, Sanad, in a short time went from a concept, to an industry leading global aviation leasing company which has once again shown Mubadala’s ability to identify opportunities in the market, and with the right strategy, team, and commitment, turn them into success stories.

As we continue to develop Abu Dhabi’s aerospace sector with our existing portfolio of companies as well as new ventures, we are certain that Sanad will continue to play an integral role in our portfolio and remain an important contributor to the Emirate’s vision of becoming a global aerospace hub.

We look forward to witnessing the company’s growth in the years to come and are confident that its achievements to date have set the correct foundations for more long term success.

Abdulla Mohamed Shadid

, Chairman of the Board